Hidden or read-only GPS field


Ability for a mobile user's GPS coordinates to be captured automatically without the user having to push the capture button on their screen. Currently a mobile user must push a button to capture their GPS coordinates.



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  • Official comment

    Great news! This is now LIVE. Check out the release notes and our help topic on the new feature. 

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  • From Heather Bryant: 

    Hello, a passive GPS function would be a great feature to have. Being able to map out who is performing inspections where, without the users needing to click it each time, will be a huge asset to our inspection reporting program!

  • Maybe current GPS location could be added as a choice to the More > System Default menu that is part of the short text field for example.  Then it could just auto-pop the current location and then be configured as hidden or read-only just like any other field.

  • An update on this one: this is in progress! I can't give a launch date, but this will be available soon.

  • How can we make the hidden GPS field visible on a PDF?

  • Hi Donna,

    You can add the field to your PDF as usual if you're using the PDF Designer, and on the Standard PDF it will appear automatically (unless you tell it not to in the PDF visibility settings in the App Builder). 


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