Automatically sync reference data files

From Zack Zarlenga: 

Ideally reference data could be stored in/connected to Google Sheets or SharePoint or 365. And in any case it would hopefully be a near live connection (e.g. synced one or more times a day).



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    Hey ya'll!

    We have an announcement straight from our product team! 

    Get your spreadsheets ready because our integration with Google Sheets is released! Admins and designers can now manage reference data by importing from Google Sheets instead of saving & uploading a .CSV file. Any account that has access to the out of the box integrations has access to use Google Sheets for reference data. 

    When new changes are made to a Sheets file, just click the re-sync button. So simple! Google Sheets reduces a few steps from the .CSV process and is an easier way to maintain your data. It also allows you to better collaborate within your organization! So often we hear that one person saves a file on his/her computer where no one else has access. If they use Google Sheets, multiple people can update data! 

    However, it's not a dynamic integration. The integration does not support sending data to Google Sheets; however, that is something you could configure using Zapier. 

    Please visit the Help Center to learn more about this Reference Data update and view step-by-step instructions for How to use Google Sheets with Reference Data

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  • This would be AWESOME!

  • Agreed!

  • It would be awesome to have it do a view on a SQL table as well...

  • OMG please, please, please

  • There should be an automatic syncing every time a submission occurs between the App and the Reference Data File especially since the Reference Data File is uploaded to, and resides within, the App itself.


  • We do have a paid feature called Dynamic Reference data, which gives you the ability to update your Reference Data with information entered in a previous Submission. To Nathan's point, it relies on SQL for those updates, so I think you can hook it into other things as well. 

    This is a feature that is currently available through our Professional Services team. They’ll be able to give you a quote specific to your needs and configuration, but here are some general guidelines:

    • Professional Plan and above only
    • Monthly costs (including maintenance and hosting) are typically around $250

    This is currently through Professional Services but is definitely something we're exploring incorporating into the core of the product. Thanks for the feedback!

  • This is what prevents me from using GoCanvas because I need to have the reference data accessible from an external table. Google Sheets would be my preference.

  • Hi Carlan,

    Have you spoken with a salesperson about our Professional Service capabilities? I'd be happy to connect you with someone from our team to see if those options would meet your needs.



  • Yes, direct API integration into SQL (dynamic reference data) is definitely possible. Getting your IT Security and legal departments to agree to it, next to impossible.

    However, we have done a few things recently with GC Professional Services (and the company agreed) to allow GC to host some of our data on their servers.

    All things are possible. You just need to talk to the right people.

  • Having Dynamic Reference Data Tables would be incredible  

  • how to enable dynamic reference data?


  • Hi Joseph,

    If you are interested in dynamic reference data, I can have your Account Manager reach out to set up a demo. Just let me know!



  • Hi Sara,

    Could dynamic reference data be pulled from google sheets through a zapier connection to help set this up?




  • Hi Dan,

    Currently, you can't connect Reference Data to Zapier, which is why this setup requires a custom integration. If you haven't already, definitely upvote this topic so I can give these numbers to the Product Team to encourage them to tackle this next!

  • So far the way it worked for me is using c# visual studio to upload the csv document with the information we need to the web service for gocanvas for the reference data, basically we upload the list of all our employees daily that way we have our list of employees, employee number branch and all the information update it.

  • Agreed, for companies that are scaling quickly, the ability to seamlessly update reference data within a Google Sheet without the need to constantly upload a CSV file is critical to both onboarding and offboarding users. 

    Additionally, when using workflow along with reference data, we need the ability to temporarily reassign specific reference data users for a set period of time.  When someone is on vacation, sick or out of the office for any other reason, we need the ability to reassign that user for a specific period of time that would have an expiration date attached to it.  If someone is going on vacation for a week, that user should have the ability to either reassign their responsibility for a set period of time or allow someone administratively to update the temporary reassignment.  

    The new "Reassignment" feature is going in the right direction, however it is not possible for users like us that utilize both "Workflow" and "Reference Data", in that instance the "Reassignment" feature is disabled. 

  • Snapshot google sheets at sync or even on a time trigger would be really helpful.  Alternatively allow Zapier to update ref data. 

  • The way I fix the reference data without using Zapier basically is using c# and send the reference data through the API into GoCanvas I update the employee's data every day at a specific time since I use visual I created an executable and that is what is run on my computer with the task scheduler of the computer.

    Instead of connecting to SQL, you can change your source Data to what you need, not sure if this is helpful for you guys.


  • I missed this last part to run the post method


  • Lauren Sunday WOO! This is a BIG one! So exciting.

  • Danielle Thompson I know right?!?! Cannot stop smiling, today is a big day at GoCanvas!

  • This is sounding good and might hopefully be a milestone along a path to being able to use multiple types of sources for reference data.  It sounds like it would still be a manual process though.  Are there any thoughts around not having to click the button in order to sync (like run on a schedule or run on change)?

  • Nathan H Thanks for chiming in! Any ideas about other sources for reference data are welcome and appreciated by the product team! If your idea for a reference data source does not have a post in the Feature Requests topic, please feel free to make one.

    Automatic syncing does not have a planned date but it has been discussed for the future. We are hoping to hear feedback on auto-sync now that this integration is released; more feedback means better chance they will build it sooner. 

  • Hi Lauren Sunday

    There are already mentions of other sources above and in other threads.

    The improvements are great to hear about though!  (especially after the mess of a year 2020 was)

  • Hey Nathan!

    I will have to keep an eye out for those sources so I can share with the product team. We are certainly excited by what the product team has been able to accomplish, despite the last year. We have more in store so keep checking back for announcements!

  • Some of the ones I know of off the top of my head would be the Excel Online (in OneDrive or OneDrive for Business / 365), SharePoint, SharePoint Online (365 - probably using a SharePoint list object), and Zapier.

  • Thanks so much for including them in a condensed location, Nathan! That way, more people can upvote or chime in about their needs and uses for these sources. 


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