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Ability for the mobile user to take as many pictures as they want without having to have a Photo Field entered in the App Builder for each photo. Currently you either need to use a Loop screen or place enough Photo fields in your app to support your users.



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  • Official comment

    Happy holidays! Multi-photo upload is now live:

    Thank you all for your patience AND for continuing to upvote and comment on this request. Being able to show numbers and use cases is extremely helpful in advocating for feature enhancements. Extremely excited to cross this one off the list!

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  • From Jason: 

    I need my field guys to be able to submit multiple photos. Its too messy to put a bunch of extra photo fields that may or may not get used, depending on how many pics they need to take of a location.

  • A great workaround from Mike Goodman: 

    We typically add a simple list screen to our apps to allow unlimited photos.  Add description, take photo.  Repeat as many times as needed.  I also just made an additional photo's app to do the same thing.  This gets us past the limitation on Android and IOS that limits the pictures you send in an email.

  • I too agree that the ability to add multiple photos is required.  Our managers generate accident investigation forms in Canvas and it is extremely choppy to add multiple images.  We are currently using  the loop screen function, but we usually add 10-15 photos which is a clunky process at best.  Ideally, my folks could take all there photos at the same time external of Canvas and have the ability to do a mass upload of all photos from the gallery at the same time.   

  • multiple image capture is really needed, it is almost easier for my supervisors to fill out a word document instead..

  • I could see the use for this too.


  • My other post got closed. I don't think my request is the same as this one. I don't really care about not having a photo field for each photo like this guy does. I'm just saying you need an option for a photo field to be used as a conditional field. 

    When one photo is captured, it should be able to trigger another photo field to pop up.

    If this is such a 'popular request' and the programming couldn't really be any simpler, you already have the structure in line, just enable it. Photo captured = True, No photo captured = False. Next. 


  • HI Ash,

    I understand your implementation suggestion is different, but the end result is the same: the ability to add additional photos easily and only when necessary. I didn't mean to suggest that it's an easy fix, just a popular request. We do have quite a number of users successfully using the work-around with the loop screens. 

  • Creating comment on behalf of Brian Pilkington

    Is it possible to add multiple photos at once in the app? At the moment we have to upload each photo individually which is a bit inefficient.

  • Sara -

    The fact that other users are able to use loop screens successfully is ignoring and dismissing the fact that it’s not a streamlined process. Clunky is a nice way to put it.

    In iAuditor multiple photos can be done with just about every field option. Their pdf editing isn’t nearly as robust or look as nice but I’m losing productivity in the field.

    From what I’ve seen on the forums and online this is a much requested feature with a somewhat easy implementation on the developer end.

  • Hi Erik,

    This is actively being worked on here by the Product and Development Teams. I don't have a date when this will be available, but it's coming! I understand the frustration this causes and appreciate the feedback. I'll update when I know more about when this will be released. 



  • Hi Sara,

    Great news! This is definitely a feature that we need too. We need to be able to send our clients multiple pictures of the same item highlighted in an inspection report. 

    - Shane

  • I am on my 2nd day of trial for this product. 
    It is disappointing to see how far back the requests for multiple photos goes.
    This makes me very concerned for support response.

  • Hey Michael,

    Thanks for your feedback. This feature is in active development right now, and we expect that it will be released in the near future. We know this is a really crucial need, and I promise we're working hard on it. 

    The requests here are a whole different ballgame than support requests and questions. Our Support Team is awesome - if something is broken or you have questions for how to get things working the way you'd like, they'll get back to you quickly and in great detail.

    With feature requests, there's a ton that goes into rolling out new features, even ones (like this one!) that we definitely want to do. Without getting too far into it, we have three apps to support (iOS, Android, and Windows) plus all sorts of web stuff like the App Builder and the admin interface. Then we have things to consider like how we're going to store tons and tons of additional volume of images. So there's a lot to consider and plan for, and limited resources (isn't that always the case?). Again, this one is coming and as soon as I'm allowed to say when, I'll be sure to share. 



  • Also on trial, but without bulk upload we may not purchase.  We inspect for compliance and it makes it hard to communicate issues with the client without the ability to add comments to each photo.

  • any updates on bulk upload feature


  • Very, very soon, Rich. I don't have an exact date (and obviously the holidays make things a little more complicated), but we're wrapping up testing. 

  • Too bad this feature often produces an error 500 when trying to download the zip file for multiple photos.


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