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From Edward Beable: 

It would be great to export all submissions at once. (Currently we have 1800 submissions and exporting all these one by one is going to be time consuming. Would be good to have a feature that allows all PDF'S to be combined in one, or batch exports all submissions in a zip file or combined folder.



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  • Being able to search first to refine the list of submissions before printing would also be helpful.

  • This is somewhat similar to this, but is a little different.  Since it is so close I guess putting it here is the best plan:

    Allow Bulk Downloading and / or Printing of Submissions

    In the web UI, it would be good to be able to be able to view all or search for some submissions, select one or more of them (via check box or control / shift click type functionality), and then choose a bulk action to do one of these:

    • Download or Print the same selected output for each selected submission as a multi-page PDF (all selected submissions combined into a single PDF)


    • Download the same selected output for each selected submission as individual PDFs in a zip file
  • This would be super helpful!  We have several departments that this would be easier for.  We would love this feature.


  • Yes a one click of all submissions would be extremely time saving. To have to open each submission to print is very cumbersome.

  • Dang this is exactly what i need. The ability to mass print all submission from in monthly batches. But I see these request didnt receive any response from the application owners.


  • A work-around for this might be to push your PDFs through to something like Dropbox, Box, or Google Sheets using an integration and then bulk print from there. If you need to retroactively push things through to that location, you can do that in bulk

  • A work-around might be to put a check box next to each submission along with a download individually, or download combine feature.  Viewing and downloading one by one is time consuming and confusing.  With so many reports and distractions its easy to forget where you are in the list.

  • Howdy All,

    Thank you for sharing these specific use case examples! We don't have a timeline for this functionality, but this feedback has been provided directly to our Product Managers and they are discussing how best to develop a feature to export multiple Submission PDFs.

    In the meantime, I would advise using the workaround that Sara shared above, using an integration to push PDFs to Dropbox, Box, or Google Sheets, then bulk downloading/printing from there.

  • any updates on this request?

  • Howdy Mike,

    Thank you for checking in on this Feature Request! We do not have any updates specific to this functionality. However, we are about to have one of our Roadmap Intake Sessions, where Sara and I report on the most requested features and functionality to our Product Managers.

    As with any Feature Request, we will provide major updates directly on the post, making sure to share any additional details for users.

  • Hi there, I've noticed that this request was brought up 3 years and more recent a 1 year ago asking how to download bulk pdfs.  I note you have in the meantime suggestion. "I would advise using the workaround that Sara shared above, using an integration to push PDFs to Dropbox, Box, or Google Sheets, then bulk downloading/printing from there".

    Has there been an further progression on this, as it seems a long time ago when it was first asked about.


  • Yes, this is a feature I just requested as well and would be so helpful!!

  • Hey Stacie,

    Thanks for checking in on this request. I don't have any updates on this request but the interest is obvious and I have brought it back up with our Product team!


  • I see the inquiries for this option go back 5 years. I'm taking a chance to see if it has finally been implemented. This would be very helpful as I use this app to track attendance for our fellows and need to be able to download and store the records for our program. 

  • Hi Kimberly,

    Thank you for your continued interest in this feature. As of now, this is not on the roadmap for this year. I'll make sure to get it over to our product team so they know this is still of interest to our clients.
    If there are any updates we will be sure to update them here!
    Hazel Kral
    Customer Engagement Manager

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