Page numbering in PDF Designer


From Nate: 

I would like to have a feature in the PDF designer which allows me to place page numbering within a PDF. I am willing to bet that 95% of the PDF documents output by the canvas program are multipage documents.

Most of our PDF documents output by canvas will be greater than 5 pages and may vary in length due to loop screen functions and a user’s option to gather additional information. So the function would need to calculate the total number of pages upon outputting to PDF to be able to input “Page 1 of X, Page 2 of X, Page 3 of X” on each page of the document being output.

Once printed, this allows readers and creators of the PDF to more easily reference the specifics of a document by being able to reference a page number. I think that if considered, this would be a major bonus for most people using canvas that are creating multipage documents.



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