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I would like to see an update where a user can make a phone call directly from a dispatch field, so when the phone number is clicked on it calls without having to exit the app and typing the number in the phone book



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  • Hi Richard! I'm going to move this over into the Feature Requests & Releases section. Thanks for your contribution!

  • From Moti Krauthamer: 

    Another feature would be when using numbers. Currently there is a currency style. It would be nice to a phone number style as well. 

  • From Kenneth Ennis: 

    Can you please add a phone number field. 

  • I need a phone number I can click on too so I can call a client.

  • All of these features sound like they would be a great asset to the platform since it would help streamline/simplify capturing and using this kind of data.

  • Awesome request guys,

    I agree with the above and with remote mentoring software or as I call it - ICUC (I see, U see) - collaboration sessions becoming more popular where you link up from the job site to a Subject Matter Expert, which may be on the other side of the planet, so that the two of you can start a discussion and collaborate on an issue with a piece of equipment on breakdown as an example and without the expert required to travel to you/your site/your company premises. You cannot get the attention from that SME without sending an email or phoning him. This is usually done from device to device and visual information sharing/streaming is becoming more a part of the collaboration sessions so that the experienced person can see what you see and push information while assisting you on the job at the job... 

    To phone the more experienced person to get his attention and to inform him that you will be inviting him for a collaboration session from device to device (and sometimes using other software designed for this), is by far the best method I have experienced, because the chances of confirming his/her availability and linking up is much faster by phoning than an email being sent. Being able to do this from within an App while doing an inspection and requiring technical assistance by phoning a more experienced technician and while chatting and discussing the issues at hand, you may perhaps continue the inspection from your device while having the conversation regarding the equipment inspected - speaker or earphones activated.....

    More and more software designers that are introducing these type of technologies where workflow is executed with wearable devices, are enabling connecting up with others from within the workflow applications and I see a HUGE door opening for Gocanvas in future regarding this and especially because the pricing is generous for small to medium sized businesses, which I also believe is where the majority of Gocanvas clients are. 

    The capability to make a call from within an App while executing technical Inspections/appraisals/audits on a machine or equipment is going to get me one step closer introducing an even more exciting platform and now that many more SMB's/SME's are joining Industry 4.0 with all it's technologies to survive as companies, I am very excited about this possibility.

    I will now conclude with another small idea that will make this Gocanvas platform even more awesome to introduce and use and once again I refer to Industry - if I may have the capability to take a short video clip from within a Gocanvas app (select a specific new video capturing field...) that can be set up to store that clip in my cloud account (Integrated google drive as an example) where it will be available for my client to click on the link from within the submitted PDF received, to actually see the visual representation of the symptoms selected from a drop down in the App - or any other field used to capture info where a short visual will "unanimously" explain/enhance the facts of a specific condition found. This feature may even be used within Job/Task instruction apps that are built and certain skills can be captured on specific jobs and then referred to when someone else executes that specific Job/Task instruction - he/she has a video clip that shows the skills that was applied and then with the knowledge portion being mainly built into the app or downloaded by web link field.

    Gocanvas is Totally awesome and I have a Big Thank you for providing me this platform to use and introduce while not "breaking the bank"


  • An update on this one - I believe (no promises!) that at least some of this functionality will be coming in early 2019. I've seen some of the early designs, so I know it's being worked on. Stay tuned!

  • On my android phone I can press and hold the phone number and a POP UP will give me 3 options. One is to call which opens the phone dial pad and places the phone number in the box and all then I have to do is press the call button and I am connected. it has worked for me since late 2018. 

  • Howdy All,

    We are very excited to share news from our Product Managers that a Phone Number field is on the roadmap and in the works!

    We don't have an estimated timeframe for release, but our Product Team understands the need for this feature and they are working hard to deliver a Phone Number field. Once we have additional details on the release and functionality, we will share them here, so please stay tuned!

  • @Sean Jacques Engelbrecht

    This sounds like it might be related to this?


  • We would definitely make use of a phone number field in our apps. Is there an ETA for new feature?

  • Hi Armando,

    I don't have an update on this request as of now but I have brought it back to the attention of the product team. Thank you for commenting and bringing attention to this request. Make sure to upvote it as well!

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  • It's been 2 years since this was promised. Do product enhancements normally take this long? This affects our decision to become a client, but making it easy to accept a phone number seems basic that we just don't want to have to worry about in a product.


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  • Hi Doug,

    Although this was on the roadmap several years ago, I have not received any updates on the availability of this feature. My apologies that this update was premature and I understand how frustrating that can be. I can ask the product team about whether this feature is still on the roadmap for updates to Builder BETA.

  • This would (still) be a great feature. I have hundreds of wasted zapier tasks each month devoted to formatting phone numbers and dates. Such a simple thing shouldn't require so much effort. 

  • Hi Keith,

    We appreciate your continued interest in this feature. Although things sometimes seem like a simple fix they can and tend to be a large lift on our development team. I haven't heard any updates on this being on our current roadmap, but we will be sure to update here if there are any updates on this request!

    Please continue to upvote this post to help encourage its movement in priority with our team.


    Hazel Kral
    Sr. Customer Engagement Manager


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