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Need the ability to temporarily reassign users when using workflow. Currently, there is no way to temporarily reassign a handoff to a different user. For example, if a user calls out sick or is on vacation, this interrupts the current workflow that is setup.  Having the ability to temporarily reassign a user while they are out sick, on vacation or out of the office for any other reason, would provide much needed flexibility without interrupting the current workflow.  The assignment settings that allow for the reassigning of users does not work when workflow is enabled, this is a huge limitation. 



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  • Hey Ali,

    You actually can reassign an active workflow! This action can be completed on the Workflow & Dispatch page in the portal. Each active Dispatch and Workflow has it's own row on the Workflow & Dispatch Manager. If you click the box of the left side of the row, a set of actions will appear including Download, Copy, Re-Assign, Un-Assign, and Delete. You can learn more about using these actions in the Help Center article How to use the Dispatch and Workflow page  near the bottom of the article. 

  • Hi Lauren, sorry I should have done a better job explaining.  What you mentioned is for active forms/apps that have already started a workflow.  What I'm referring too are forms/apps that haven't currently been started/initiated.  For example, if John goes on vacation next week, having the ability to re-assign the workflow on his apps to Henry so that any workflows that are initiated while John is on vacation, will automatically go to Henry instead for approval.  Hope that explains it better.

  • Hey Ali,

    Thank you for that explanation! The problem I described is often what I hear about. Apologies that I assumed! For situations like the one you described, I recommend using Reference Data to power an email field within the app instead of using a default value or the Email List within the Workflow settings. Reference Data is more easily updated without affecting the app version and can be changed on the fly when someone is out of the office and another person needs to receive the workflow.

    The Workflow setting Email Field can either be a Text or Drop Down field that holds emails. Workflow will pull the email from this field for the handoff. In order to make it easier to find the right email, I suggest using a drop down menu that has employee names pre-filled with reference data and a second short-text field for the email that is mapped to fill based on the drop down menu. Choose the short text field containing the email for the Workflow setting. That way, the workflow is automatically sent to the right person and the reference data can be easily updated to exclude the person out of the office or include the alternate.

    Now that we offer the integration with Google Sheets for reference data, it is even easier to keep those lists up to date. To learn more about this feature (released today!), please visit the Help Center article How to use Google Sheets with Reference Data. I hope this helps!

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  • Hi Lauren,

    Thank you for responding so quickly, what you have explained is actually exactly what we are currently doing.  I was hoping there was another solution that wouldn't require us to change the reference data names, but would rather temporarily re-assign the users to a different user and then automatically reassign based on a time limit provided.  Unfortunately, when using reference data, it requires the person filling out the app to select the correct name in the dropdown box and most of our users in the field would have a tendency to fill out the name they are used too.  Would it work if we kept the name the same in the reference box, but simply changed the email address that appears on the reference data to the reassigned users email address? For example, if John is leaving town, leave John's name on the reference data sheet and simply change John's email address to Henry's email address, would that then push all of John's workflows over to Henry?  Side note, couldn't be happier about the Google Sheets feature release, will be switching over our reference data to Google Sheets immediately :)

  • Hi Ali,

    I'm happy to help! And glad that what I described is familiar to you as that won't interrupt what is familiar to your users. I don't recommend switching user emails that often as it would potentially flag our system if a username is associated with more than 3 devices. It would definitely work as long as the email is correct! Sometimes, we have to do things that are easiest and least disruptive for our users, even if a little unconventional. And I would let your users know that the email will be monitored and corrected when necessary and they will just keep doing what they are used to. 

    Happy to hear the feedback about Google sheets! So many steps to update reference data are eliminated through this integration so I think this will help exponentially when you have this situation arise. 


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