validate field condition dependencys when building app



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    Nathan H

    Agreed.  That would be helpful.  Maybe even add a small "dependency" icon in the app builder for fields / screens that are dependent on other fields (maybe an "up arrow" type icon) and for fields / screens that have other fields / screens dependent on them (maybe a "down arrow" type icon).  Perhaps you could click that icon and it would show a small modal window with the field / screen name(s) that you could click to jump to the field(s) or screen(s).  (Kind of like the conditional logic icon that appears next to fields / screens that have conditions applied)

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    GoCanvas Community Manager

    Hey ya'll,

    I can definitely identify with the issue that is presented when you change even a slight conditional value that conditions are based on. I think it would be interesting to see the logic branch on the settings modal so you can quickly identify what needs to be updated. This also could be helped with another recent request to Select multiple fields to update while designing. Upvoted and passed along to the product team!

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