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    Nathan H

    In the App Builder, I normally use Field Settings >> More >> Show This Field on PDF >> Only if the field is not empty

    Then in the PDF Designer I normally only apply borders to either sections / columns that I always want the borders to show for, or for the fields themselves (rather than the columns / sections) so that if the field doesn't get populated, the borders won't show either.  I use the same logic for whole screens in some cases (Screen settings >> Show all fields on PDF >> Only if field is not empty).

    Does that help?

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  • Hey ya'll,

    Thanks for this awesome explanation Nathan! I definitely err on the side of less formatting when conditions may interfere with the layout of the PDF. I have also used static text fields with conditions for labels or titles when I don't know if that section will show up with every submission. It takes a little trial and error to find those funny things you may not have thought of the first time around but thank you for coming to the community because I'm sure others will benefit from this post!

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