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    Lauren Sunday

    Hey ya'll,

    Thanks for sharing the password work around, Nathan! I really like that option, that could also be achieved by using a required hidden field that is conditional upon the correct password being entered into a previous field. The condition would be Not Equal To the correct password. Then the user can not go past this first page and the only condition necessary is on the one hidden field. The user will get a Validation Error telling them than an input is required which is referencing the required hidden field that was triggered by the incorrect password. Hiding a required field in most contexts would break the app, but this is one of a few examples why someone may want to break there app to make sure that the right person is accessing the information or the right information is being entered.

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    Nathan H

    Hi Jason,

    It would be nice if that was a feature.

    One possible workaround in the meantime (at least for the app) would be to add a field at or near the beginning of the app(s) and then set the other fields (or pages) up with Field or Screen conditions so that they only show if a certain value is typed into the field you added.  Then provide the manager with the "code" to type in to that field in order to activate the remaining fields / screens in the app(s).  Not very elegant, but it could work if you're in a time crunch.

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