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I am using the app for customers to order apparel from me. Currently, I have set up loop screens for each item with the particulars contained within (i.e. size, style). There is 1 summary screen at this point for one of those screens. What I need to know is this. Is there a way for me to basically set up ITEM INFORMATION, CUSTOMIZE, SUMMARY for each item and then have a separate field total all of the summary screens for a grand total? 



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  • Hi Luke,

    Are you trying to summarize the total cost of the individual items that are on the order or are you trying to summarize the actual item names on their own screen? Depending on specifically what you are trying to summarize, I can help! 

  • Luke, I am not sure if we have the same problem. This is the result I want to achieve - I had posted at the app builders but I have a feeling we are looking for the same solution

    I am wondering if a feature exists that can solve my problem:

    I have a loop with the key element being BOX, and I am adding items and their attributes. 

    so you end up with a grid as follow

    box    item      color  size     weight

    1         shirt    blue      M          1/2lb

    1         pants   red       XL          1 lb

    2          shoe    purple    10         3lbs

    That was easy to do

    now I would like to get a summary 

    box 1  - 1.5 lbs

    box 2  - 3 lbs

    Do we have the same need?


  • Lauren Sunday 

    I am trying to total up all of the costs. I think I have that right now, but the other issue is that each item can be tailored with add ons and it changes the cost. I am trying to use the decision function to drive that, but have had limited success. 

    Essentially if the customer selects RED JERSEY they have an option for Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, No sleeve. Each one of those has a different cost. Then Totalling everything on a final page. I think that I have the totalling piece solved right now, but I am testing more today. 

    That is a lot to take in I am sure. Thanks for the help

  • Hey Luke,

    It sounds like you managed to total up all the costs, either through a calculation field or through a summary field if you used a Loop screen for the order. Please let me know if you have any questions about that.

    As for the customization options, you will definitely benefit from what we call Dependent Reference Data. This is a style of reference data that allows you to get more specific about the options that the user has while filling out the form.

    Below is an example of what your .csv file may look like. The first column is the general item, Jersey, T-Shirt, or Sweatshirt for example. The second column are the options for the sleeves of your items. This could be another general label like "Options" so you can include items like pant lengths. The last column is the color options. For every item type, you have an option for sleeve length and for each sleeve length, you have the option of three different colors. So you need to tell GoCanvas that for every Jersey, they could have 3 different sleeve lengths and 3 different colors. So you will have the items in a drop down, the options in a drop down, and the colors in a drop down. As you choose items from the list, the other drop down menus will reduce down to only the options and colors that are directly related to the choice in the previous drop down menu. When the user makes all their choices, the price will automatically populate in a currency style number field based on the price that is associated with the options they made.


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