Implementing a pass/ fail inspection list within the app



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    Nathan H

    You can add a page in the App Builder by using the Add screen button in the right nav.

    Then you add fields by dragging them from the left nav onto the screen in the main nav.

    If you are using nothing but mobile devices with the app (i.e. no Windows users), I would recommend using the Single Choice Boxes field type

    Once the field is on the screen, click it once to select it and then you can set it to 2 choices and use PASS and FAIL for the values in the left nav like this


    That will produce a field that looks like this


    If you plan to use the Windows app for this at all, I would recommend using the Drop Down field type with PASS and FAIL choices and no default set.


    Once you make one field, you can click it once to select it and then use the Copy icon to quickly create similar fields

    Then you can just change the field label and choices for the similar fields as needed.

    I hope that helps.

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    David Lonergan

    Hi Nathan,

    Really helpful, thanks very much. Exactly what I needed.



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