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    Hazel Kral

    Hi Tony,

    I can understand the need to review, make changes, and "resubmit" a form. A lot of our clients find it helpful to include a workflow in this situation. Where you are able to have a member of your team review, edit, and sign off for the form to continue on to the next member of your team after adjustments are made.

    We also have the option to do a mid-workflow PDF where a PDF is created with your information at a certain point in your process, the data is collected, and then at the end of your process, you'll make your final submission.This is an advanced feature and depending on your plan may be an additional cost. If this sounds like an option that would work, feel free to let me know or you can reach out to our sales line or your point of contact to get set up with a scoping call for what you're looking for!


    Hazel Kral
    Sr. Customer Engagement Manager

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