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In the past, I have used Microsoft Dynamic's Filed Service Mobile app and see that GoCanvas is far more intuitive and user-friendly.  One feature, however, I preferred with the later platform was that instead of only having a PDF download option it download in Word format so that we could easily edit the document before sending it to a customer.  I would really like to see GoCanvas have both PDF and OpenDocument(.ODT) options when submitting a form.  The reason is that I see a lot of format issues on the PDF docs that could easily be adjusted with this option.



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  • Hey Jacob!

    Thanks so much for your feedback! While we do not currently offer this feature, the use of page breaks and labels may be a work around to accomplish any formatting needs. We will definitely keep this post live so that others can upvote your request to consider in future development mapping.

    Troi, Learning and Education Specialist


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