How to use the "All Forms" Option on Zapier

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Integrating all your PDFs to storage services through Zapier just got a lot faster with the All Forms option for GoCanvas and Zapier.

Creating a Zap using "All Forms"

Zapier walks you through a step-by-step process when creating a Zap on their site. All of this is done on the Zapier website from your Dashboard. You can also review Zapier's help topic on creating a Zap.

The screenshots below will show you how we created a Zap that sends all PDFs to OneDrive. 

  1. Push the "Make New Zap" button on your Dashboard when logged into Zapier.
    • Name your Zap.
    • Choose GoCanvas as your Trigger App (Zapier refers to all of their partners as "Apps").Zapier_Step_1.png
  2. When using GoCanvas as the App, the Trigger Event is "New Submission" and you can trigger it Mid-Workflow in the "Set up trigger" step.Zapier_Step_2.png
  3. Connect your GoCanvas Account to Zapier. Once you do this the first time, Zapier will remember the connection.Zapier_Step_3.png
  4. Authenticate your GoCanvas Account with Zapier.
    • Enter your GoCanvas username and password.
    • ONLY change the GoCanvas Web Site address if you purchased GoCanvas from Telstra, our partner in Australia.
    • Push the "Yes, continue" button.
  5. Now you can select whether this is triggered mid workflow or not and select "All Forms" as the App Name.
    • If you have not yet made a submission with you GoCanvas account, you will need to make one so Zapier can "see" it.Zapier_Step_5_All_Forms.png
  6. Now Zapier will reach out and "look" at the last submission you made.
    • Push the "Test trigger" button.Zapier_Step_6.png
  7. You have now completed your Trigger! Time to create your Action.
    • Select the App (Remember, Zapier calls the cloud services they connect to "Apps").
    • In this case we are going to select OneDrive.Zapier_Step_7.png
  8. We have selected OneDrive and now we need to choose an Action from the list.
    • In this case we are choosing to Upload a File.Zapier_Step_8_All_Forms.png
  9. Now it will ask you to login to OneDrive by entering your username and password.
  10. Set up the action.
    • Choose the folder where the PDFs will be sent. Select the dropdown to go inside folders, or it defaults to the top-level folder if left blank.
    • Select the “File” and a drop down of metadata will appear. Select “Show all options” to reveal “Canvas Pdf” from the list of metadata.
    • Choose a file name from the dropdown. By default, Zapier uses the same name and extension as the original file.Zapier_Step_10_All_Forms.png
  11. Test your Zap.
    • Push the "Test action" button.
  12. Turn it on.
    • Keep in mind that once it is turned on it will always run.
    • To stop the integration, you must turn off the Zap.

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