How to Get Started with GoCanvas Web Forms

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Centralize processes, collect data faster, and share forms easier with no login required, using GoCanvas Web Forms.


Web Forms allows you to send a form to your customers, vendors, peers, etc. that can be filled out without logging into the GoCanvas mobile, tablet, or desktop clients. The forms are shareable via a unique URL that can be re-generated at any time.

  • Manage and share forms safely with built-in security features that keep all your data protected,

  • Easily customize PDF’s for sharing and storing, no page limits, 

  • Personalize your documents with your company's logo to keep your identity consistent.

Accessing Web Forms

Navigate to the Forms tab from the left navigation. In the upper right corner is the Create New drop down button. Within this drop down is the choice to enter the Mobile Form Builder or the Web Form Builder.


Web Forms Building Basics

Once you click Web Form from the Create New drop down, hopefully the next screen will look familiar if you have started using Builder BETA.  There are a few small distinctions between the Web Forms Builder and Builder BETA, which are detailed below.


Supported Field Types

One of the first things that is obviously different in the Web Forms Builder is the shorter list of supported field types in the Field Library. Web Forms will continue to be iterated upon and new field types will become available as this product is updated. The field types currently supported are listed below:

    1. Text
      • Short Text
      • Long Text
    2. Static Text
    3. Number
      • Increment
      • Slider
    4. Date
    5. Time
    6. Checkbox
    7. Calculation
    8. Single Choice
      • Dropdown
      • Radio Buttons
      • Boxes
    9. Multiple Choice
      • Checkboxes
      • Buttons
    10. Photo
    11. Signature

Preview Panel

The preview on the right side of the workspace is outlined because Web Forms can be filled out from your laptop, mobile devices, or tablet.



Try out your Web Form by clicking the Test button in the upper right corner near the Save and Publish buttons.



Filling Out a Web Form

Web Forms are shared using a unique URL.

Navigate to the Form Settings page and click on the Gear icon. Under the Sharing section, click Copy Link to quickly capture the form link to send or share. Click Generate New Link if you need a new unique URL for your Web Form.



GoCanvas Web Forms are available to add on to your account. Contact your Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, or Account Executive to learn more. Visit our Help Center for more tips and tricks on how to create Forms using Builder BETA.

Please submit a ticket to Support if you have an issue, or provide valuable feedback to our Product team at

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  • Does anyone else not have the drop down button to create the web forms?  I Dont see the option anywhere

  • Hi Amber,

    Dropdown menus are now located under Single Choice field type.

    As you can see in the screenshot above, in the Settings modal (found in the Gear icon on the field) this is also where you can choose Single Choice Radio Buttons and Check Boxes. Once you add the field, you will be prompted to add choices which will open this setting modal as well. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • No, i mean on the "Create App" button doesn't have any roll over or drop down that gives me the option to make a web form that is shareable.  When I click "create app" I can only make a standard form like before in both the traditional app builder and beta

  • Hi Amber,

    Thank you so much for clarifying, my apologies that I misunderstood. Web Forms is an upgrade product that can be added to your account as part of an annual contract. Your account manager will be able to assist you in adding Web Forms to your account. I would be happy to connect with them so they can reach out to you if you would like me to!

  • Will the submissions through the Web Form be accessible through your API same as if they were submitted using the Mobile Forms?

    Also, can reference data be used?

    (Edited )
  • Hi Chris,

    That is a great question however I don't know the answer for sure so I will ask around and get back to you. As for reference data, that is not currently supported but Web Forms is still being iterated upon so this article will be updated when new features and functionalities are added.

  • Hi Chris,

    I confirmed that yes, submissions through Web Forms are accessible through the API the same way that Mobile Form submissions are accessible through the API because the submissions work exactly the same way in the backend. A submission is a submission, regardless of the source that it was submitted from. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Excited to use webforms! Thank you for these tips. Is it possible to copy a current mobile form into a web form? I have some extensive mobile forms that would be nice to use as web forms without recreating the whole form. 

    (Edited )
  • Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for your question! At this time, Web Forms is not fully compatible with all the functionality of mobile forms so converting a mobile form into a web form would not fully function the way it is intended. But I will pass along this feedback to the product team as they are interested in how we can continue to iterate on this product!

  • Hi. thanks for this exciding addition. 

    just some feedback we got and requests to take in account. 

    1) We received feedback that the font size is a little small, and since the page cannot be zoomed in, it makes it difficult for some people to read. either an option on builder for font sizes or to be able to zoom in the page.

    2) a option to choose if we want to add a character limit (min-max) on fields will add a lot more options and use

  • Hi CJ,

    This is great feedback, thank you so much! I would be so appreciative if you could email this to as our product team is monitoring that email and it means a lot to come directly from a user! Thanks again and please feel free to send any additional thoughts or comments to that email as they arise.

  • Can web form fields use reference data? 

    (Edited )
  • This is kind of useless without reference data. Did you ever figure that part out?