What is Handoff Status for Mobile?

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When making a Submission that includes Workflow, knowing which step of the process that the submission is in can be invaluable for both workers in the field and admins in the office. Handoff Status allows users to see forms that are completed, which forms are in progress, and which forms are currently assigned to the user to complete. Users will only be able to see forms to which they contributed or are assigned to them.

Handoff Status

Navigate to Handoff Status in your mobile application by tapping the More Menu in the bottom right corner of the GoCanvas mobile application and Handoff Status.


If a step has Work Required stamped on it, that step is assigned to the user to complete. On iOS, simply tap anywhere in the row associated with that step and the option to Fill Out will be revealed from the right side of the screen. On Android, simply tap the workflow to starting filling it out.

Image_from_iOS__8_.jpg  Image_from_iOS__9_.jpg

On iOS, tapping on any workflow step will also reveal the option to Show Flow from the right side of the screen. On Android, tap Show the flow above each individual workflow. The checkmark icon indicates a completed submission and the crescent icon indicates an in progress submission.

Show Flow reveals more specifics about every step in the workflow for that form. If the form has a specified submission name, as in the example below, the submission name will be shown across the header of the Show Flow page. If there is no specific submission name, the header will simply list the submission number.


In order to filter workflow steps, click the filter button in the upper right corner of the screen.


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