Saving & Publishing a Form in Builder BETA

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This product is in Beta. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information. Please note that this Help Center article is in progress and will be updated.

Learn more about saving and publishing in the Advanced Form Builder

Saving a Form

Users can save their work at any time during the form building process. To save a form, select the Save button on the top right.

Important notes:

  • Saving a form does NOT create a new version,

  • A form must be saved before publishing the form,

  • A form can be tested without saving a form first.



Publishing a Form

After a user has saved their progress in a form, they can click Publish to share it with their users.

To publish a form:

1. First, select Save to activate the Publish button in the top right.

2. In the dialogue box that pops up, check the boxes for the users that will receive the form. 

3. Select the toggle to send users a notification that the newest version of the form is available.

4. Save.

Important notes:

  • A new version of the form will be created every time you publish the form,

  • A form must be saved before publishing the form,

  • The Publish button is disabled until the form is saved,

  • A form can be tested without publishing first,

  • The form can be shared with select users or all users.


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