How to Add and Edit Fields in the Builder

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Adding and editing fields in the Builder is a fundamental step to building your form.

Adding Fields

A field is at the core of building a form so we made it as easy and smart as possible. Field types allow you to quickly capture information in the format that makes the most sense for the information being collected or completing an action during the submission process. For example, date fields make adding a date easy and calculation fields can add, subtract, multiply, or divide values captured in the form or constants.

Drag & Drop or Click to Add

Use the Fields Library to drag-and-drop a field to a specific part of the screen or click a field type and it will be added as the last field within a screen.


+ Between Fields

Hover between two existing fields in a screen to expose a + button, then Add Field. 


Smart Field Recognition

Leverage smart fields to add fields fast. To add your first field to a form, select + Add Field, start typing a field label, and type Enter on your keyboard. All field types can be added by simply typing the field name, among other recognized terms similar to the name of the field, like "picture" or "image" for the Photo field.


Field Types

The field types you are familiar with are not missing, but simply in another location. Field types like Long Text, Drop Down, and Slider are now Styles in their respective Field Settings located on the General tab within the settings modal, accessible through the gear icon. Below are all current field types in the Builder and a list of Legacy Builder field types are now styles in the Builder.

Text Styles
Short Text and Long Text are not Single and Multiple Lines.
Number Styles
Number, Increment, Slider, and Currency.
Single Choice Styles
Drop Down, Radio Buttons, and Boxes.
Multiple Choice Styles
Checkboxes and Buttons.
Calculation Styles
Summary is now Table Calculation.

Unique Field Interactions

When a single choice, multiple choice, calculation, or payment field is added to a screen, users are asked to enter options for single choice and multiple choice or a calculation for a calculation field. 




Editing and Reordering Fields

Reorder Fields

To edit the order in which fields appear, simply hover over the field, click and hold while dragging the field to another location. Fields can be moved within a screen or to another screen. 



Delete or Copy a Field

Hover over the field you would like to delete or copy and three icons will appear. Select the trash can icon to delete. The second icon, two sheets of paper, will copy the field. Copying a field with multiple settings configured can save time during the building process.



Field Settings

Field Settings are found in the third icon, the gear, when you hover over a field. Field settings will vary for each field type, however there are a few settings in the General tab that will be consistent across most, if not all, field types. 

Field Type Drop Down

To quickly switch a field type.


Required & Read Only

Requires the user to complete the field in order to continue.
Read Only
Does not allow the user to interact with the field in the form.



Dependent on field type. Picture below is the Date field type.


Default Value

Provides a value by default to the user filling out the form. Pictured below is the Time field type.



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