Accessing the Builder

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Accessing the new Builder experience is easy and integrated into our templates page when starting a new form. 

The Builder in Legacy View

When you select Create New in the upper right corner of the Forms page, you will be given the option to start a blank canvas in the Legacy Builder by selecting Start or select GIVE IT A TRY on the right side of the screen. This will launch the Builder and will always be available when starting a new form from scratch.


If you have Web Forms or the new Mobile Forms page UI, the Create New button is a drop down menu and you will select Mobile Form to access Builder BETA.



Leaving the Builder

If you would like to return to your comfort zone, or need access to features not yet available in the Builder, simply select the link to the Legacy Builder in the banner across the top of the screen. Everything you have built will be in your form and you will not lose any of your progress so you can switch back with confidence. Once you switch back to the Legacy Builder, you cannot return to the Builder in this form so please be sure before you proceed.  

Return_to_Current_Builder.png                                  Are_You_Sure.png

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