GoCanvas Analytics provides a seamless solution to report on submission data, visualize what’s happening in real-time, and distribute your findings throughout your organization.

General Terms and Functions

To learn more about GoCanvas Analytics on our website or get in contact with your account representative.

What is a dashboard?

A Dashboard lets you see all your operational GoCanvas data in one place.

What is a widget?
Each widget is a dynamic visualization of data. You pick the type of data to appear in a widget and you pick the type of visualization (graph or chart type).
What is a filter? 
Dashboards usually have one or more filters that affect the dashboard widgets. Each time you interact with a filter, for example by selecting or entering a value, the filter is immediately applied to your dashboard. Changing the filters in your account won’t affect the filters for someone else viewing the same report in their account. In addition, you can restore the original state of the dashboard at any given point by selecting the dashboard menu item and clicking Restore Dashboard.
What is a field? 
Widgets are composed of fields that represent the data in your data sources. These correlate to fields within GoCanvas. 
What’s drilling down?
With Analytics you can drill down (filter) the data displayed on the dashboard by clicking on the piece of data in a widget. This allows you to get an in-depth view of a selected value. When you drill down into a widget by clicking on the piece of data you’d like to investigate. This will update your dashboard to reflect the data within that selection. 
What is a pulse alert?
Pulse is a centralized location where you can stay on top of your most important KPIs across multiple dashboards or manage your data and build alerts. For example, you can consolidate and monitor important aspects of your business by adding important values from widgets from various dashboards to the Pulse page. Then, you can create alerts to notify you when certain thresholds are met or anomalies in your data are detected. These values may be quantitative only. 
What is a threshold?
In a pulse, thresholds are the numerical limits you set that will trigger an alert once they’re reached.

Dashboard Views and Data

What data is available to me from my GoCanvas Submissions in Analytics?

After setting up Analytics, all of your Submission data from that point forward will be available to create widgets and dashboards. (Note: Image field types such as Photos, Drawings, and Signatures will be displayed as URLs)

How does my data get from GoCanvas to Analytics?
Once your Analytics dashboard is set up and configured, when you sync a Submission, it automatically inputs the data into Analytics within 30 minutes after syncing. 
Can I include data from outside of GoCanvas in Analytics?
Yes, this is possible in certain circumstances. Contact your account rep for more information.
There are some users who only need to see certain datasets in their dashboards. Is this possible?
Dashboards can be filtered then locked, creating a shareable version of the dashboard that only contains the information that the filter captures. You could do this for any type of data within the dashboard (i.e. employees, managers, etc…). 
Can I send people reports with my own white-label branding?
While you can change the colors in your dashboard based on a selection of color palettes, you can’t add your own logo or customize other visual aspects. 
Can I have the dashboard automatically email updates on a periodic basis?
You can set up your dashboard to automatically email the report on a daily or weekly basis. 
How often is my submission data synced to Analytics?
Submission data is generally reflected in Analytics within 30 minutes, To see when the data was last updated, look for the timestamp in the upper left corner of your dashboard.  

General Troubleshooting

Why are my widgets not working?

If you see an error when loading your widgets, it could be because you made changes to your form. Contact your account rep to help get these back up for you. 

Can you have data from more than one form in a dashboard?
Yes, but it requires additional work and there must be common data (e.g. technician name) present in both forms in order to make the connection. Contact your account rep for assistance.

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