How to Set Daily Reminders

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The Form Setting Reminders will send recurring reminders to everyone that has the form assigned to them.


The assigned users will receive a push notification on their mobile device, reminding them to complete the form for that day.

  1. Navigate to the Forms page from the left navigation.
  2. Select the name of the preferred form, then select the Settings button for Reminders.Form Settings_Reminders.png
  3. Check the checkbox to Enable Reminders, select Weekdays or Everyday, and set the Time you want the Reminder to be sentForm Settings_Reminders_Reminder Settings.png
  4. Save.


If a user completes a submission on the form before the scheduled reminder time, they will not receive a reminder for that day.

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  • Good work on adding new features. Reminders is a great one, but it is still very limited. We can see it very useful should it have more options.

    1) such as specific users or groups, not just to anyone that is assigned to the app. 

    2) more options of dates, such as daily, weekly/monthly/yearly. something similar to the attached

    (Edited )
  • This is a great feature and I was so happy to start using it! However, I agree with CJ, we have different employees working different shifts and I would love to be able to set reminders based on specific users since we are not all 8-5. 

  • Enabled this new feature to our GoCanvas which is great. Now what would be even better is, if we could customize it with different schedules due to our employees not all working the same shifts. If that functionality could be added in the near future, that would be awesome.

  • Howdy Alison, CJ, and Damian,

    Thank you all for sharing this detailed feedback!

    We do not have a timeline for expanded user assignment or scheduling options for Reminders, but I have shared details from your comments directly with our Product team and they are actively discussing this request. 

    In the meantime, I would encourage other users to comment and upvote on the related Feature Request post linked below, as this is the best way to show demand and need for new features: