How to Add Custom Text to a Submission Email Body

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There are three options to include custom content in the body of an email when a submission is sent:

Account Level Submission Email Content

This setting will add text to the email body for submissions on every form. To enable this feature, navigate to Account Settings under the Account drop down in the left navigation.

Left Navigation_Account Settings.png

Scroll to Submission Email Content and select Settings.


Type in the custom text you would like to include in the email body and Save.


Field Input Email Content

This is a setting within certain field types that will add field input to the email body for submissions from the specific form. Can be found under the More drop down in both the Advanced Form Builder field settings and the More toggle on the Field Settings modal in Builder BETA.

Advanced Form Builder:


Builder BETA:


Learn more about adding field content to the email sent with your submission.

Form Level Custom Email Content

This feature allows you to include custom text that is sent out with submissions for the specific form. Our team of experts would be happy to help you with this feature.

To learn more about GoCanvas Client Engagement Services, please contact your GoCanvas Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, Account Executive, or submit a ticket to support.

Combining Field, Form, and Account Level Customer Email Content

Account Level and Field Input options can work together, but Form Level Custom Email option will replace the email body content with the custom text from the Email Options page. 

Here are both of these scenarios demonstrated:


In the above screenshots, the first email has only Account Level and Field Input options enabled, while the second email has all three options enabled, meaning the Form Level Custom Email Content has replaced the text from the Account Level and Field Input settings.

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