How to Save a Submission to the Cloud

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The Save to Cloud feature allows users to save work on a submission so it can be continued later on the same device or another device.

Save to Cloud

This function also allows submissions to persist through clearing data in GoCanvas and uninstalling GoCanvas from a device.

In addition to the Save to Cloud feature, submission data is automatically saved on the device (i.e. "locally") each time a user leaves a screen. This includes navigating between screens in a form, or completing fields that capture data on separate screens, such as Photo, Signature, and GPS.

Save to Cloud requires a stable connection to function and a user must navigate to the Settings on their specific device and enable the feature.

iOS_Settings_Save to Cloud.png


You will not be able to save a submission when in the process of adding an item to a Loop screen or Table. Finish adding your item, or return to the key field screen to save.

To Save to Cloud, tap the Quick Links button, the ellipsis, in the upper right corner and select Save & Close.

iOS_Quick Links_Save & Close.png

Type in a name for the submission-in-progress, then tap Save & Close on the pop-up.

The submission will save locally and to the Cloud, so users can resume the submission on their current device or another device. If no connection is available when a Save & Close occurs, the submission will be tagged and will save to the Cloud on the next sync.

Additionally, if Save to Cloud is not enabled on a device when the submission is saved, it will only be saved locally. You will need to complete the Save & Close step AFTER enabling Save to Cloud for a locally stored submission to be available on other devices from the cloud.

All Save to Cloud actions are logged in the Revision History for a submission, similar to submission edits.

Please Note

 Save to Cloud is not supported in the Windows Desktop Client.

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