How to Check your GoCanvas Billing Payment Status

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You can view the status of each of your GoCanvas Billing Payments from your account homepage. Navigate to Account>Billing and scroll to the Payment History section. There is a column that displays the status of each payment:


Here are the different statuses that could be displayed and what each of them means:

The invoice has been created but not yet posted.

The payment is being processed or may be on hold. Please contact the GoCanvas Support team if you have questions about this status.

Success (Processed)
The transaction has been approved.

Failure (Error)
The transaction has been declined. This may be due to insufficient funds or incorrect account information. If the funds are available on your card, we advise that you call your bank directly. You can also update your billing information to add or edit credit card details.

The invoice has been canceled.

The invoice is ready for a payment to be provided.


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