How to Preview a Submission PDF on Mobile

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The View PDF feature allows users to preview the PDF on mobile while completing a submission.

Please Note

View PDF is not supported by the Windows Desktop Client.

Preview PDF

To preview a submission PDF on mobile, the user must have Save to Cloud enabled on their device and the Mobile View setting must be enabled for the specific form. The View PDF feature also requires a stable connection to function.

To preview a submission PDF, tap Menu, the ellipsis button, in the upper right corner and select View PDF.

iOS_Ellipses Menu_View PDF.png

Tapping View PDF will bring a pop-up to name the Task first and will automatically save a copy of the submission-in-progress to the cloud, then a preview of the PDF with the latest changes will appear on the mobile device.

Additionally, the type of PDF that is previewed (Designer or Standard) is based on the Email Options for the specific form.


Please note that the View PDF option will not appear in the Menu on Loop Screens or Tables. The user must complete a row and return to the Key Field screen or proceed past the loop screen or table to preview the submission PDF.

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