How to Start Using Assignments

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The Assignments feature allows users to start a submission, then assign it directly to another user to complete. Users can also make a submission-in-progress available for other users on their account to review or add information. This feature is offered on the Professional plan or above.

There are three core actions related to Assignments:

Reassign: the ability for a user to assign one of their submissions to someone else to finish it.

Unassign: the ability for a user to remove themselves as the assigned user for a submission and put it into an unassigned queue so it can be assigned to (or claimed by) someone else.

Claim: the ability for a user to see a list of “available” (those which have been unassigned) submissions and claim (assign it to themselves) the submissions.

Each of these actions are available on a form-by-form basis using the Assignment Settings from the Form Settings page. To change your Assignment Settings follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Forms page.
  2. Click the name of your form
  3. Under Settings, find Assignment Settings and click the Settings button. 


From the Assignment Settings page, you can toggle the different functions and notifications for each setting. Be sure to click Save after checking the boxes for your preferred settings:


The Assignment status for submissions is displayed in Work Hub in the portal, where admins can also reassign, unassign, and delete submissions.

Please note that Assignments is not compatible with the Workflow feature.

Assignments is compatible with the following features:

  • Table of Contents
  • Departments
  • Dispatch
  • Save to Cloud

Please note that Assignments is not supported in the Windows Desktop Client.

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