How to Add Notes to your GoCanvas Billing Invoices

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You can add notes to your GoCanvas Billing Invoice from within your GoCanvas account.

Add an Invoice Note

Invoice Notes may be helpful for:

  • Ensuring proper processing of your payments;
  • Including necessary information for tax purposes;
  • Adding directions to send the invoice to a different department within your company;
  • Indicating that another person besides your Billing Contact needs to provide approval.

Please Note

Any updates made to the Invoice Notes section will not appear until the next invoice has been generated. If you need different notes on your next invoice, be sure to manually change the Invoice Notes section before you purchase additional seats or before your next billing cycle occurs.

To add notes, navigate to the Billing page under the Account drop down, or first switch to the All Department if Departments are enabled, and scroll to the Invoice Notes section. Select Edit to add recurring invoice notes.


On the Invoice Notes screen, type the preferred information into the text box and then Save. Be sure to limit the number of characters, so as not to overflow the space on the invoice.


The notes will appear at the end of the right column on your invoice.


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