Using Multiple Choice Buttons in the Advanced Form Builder

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The Multiple Choice Buttons field type displays all options available (up to 15 choices) and allows users to select multiple options.

Multiple Choice Buttons

A Multiple Choice Buttons field could display parts to replace for HVAC systems from which a user could select multiple options by tapping the related buttons.

The button values must be added to the Choices section of the field settings panel (up to 15 characters per choice), which appear as sequential buttons when completing submissions on mobile devices. You can also clear all listed choices using the Clear All option. 


On both the Standard and Designer PDFs, multiple choice buttons field values appear as sets of text:


When editing submission data for a multiple choice buttons field, the data is text that can be manually input from the Submissions page or the Submitted tab in Work Hub. 


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  • Nope sorry Chip, I do not make any connection to the multiple choice buttons field the way you describe it. I am unfortunately not getting it regardless how interested I am in this function....

    Any other angle you have to assist me in how to use this specific field as it is the same as the drop down field in how I get to apply it.. there is only one choice shown out of 15 I inserted?




  • Oh No! I was so excited to use the new fields I never updated my App and that is the reason I never obtained the results as indicated,

    I humbly apologize Chip, you did a great job in explaining, but with an outdated app it unfortunately does not work - hahaha

  • No worries, Sean! Happy to hear that the Multiple Choice Buttons field is functioning properly for your App!

  • Why is this limited to 15 choices? Can this limit be increased or eliminated? It's really nice not to have to scroll and scroll when you have lots of options, that's the best part about this field type. The alternative is using a scrolling menu, which is really not ideal. 

  • Howdy Amelinda,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! As I understand from our Product team, the number of available options and character limit was based on general spacing and display options for mobile devices. 

    The limit of 15 choices (along with the 15-character text limit) cannot be increased or removed. However, I have shared your feedback directly with our Product managers for their consideration.

    I would advise upvoting this similar Feature Request related to the Multiple Choice Button field:

    Detailed comments, use case examples, and upvotes in the Feature Request section are the best way to help our Product team consider and prioritize new features!

  • Hi,

    I have a multiple choice field but it will only allow one selection, not multiple.  What am I doing wrong?