Rating Fields in the Legacy Builder

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Rating fields can be used to rank anything on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. 

Rating Fields

This field type is great for collecting feedback and reviews.

iOS_Rating Field.png

The Default Value can be set for Rating fields. This value can be updated from the Field Settings on the left side of the screen in the Legacy Builder.

AFB_Rating Field_Default Value.png

On both the Standard and Designer PDFs, Rating field values appear as integers. When editing submission data for a Rating field, the data is a numerical value that can be manually input from the Submissions page on the portal.

Submissions_Rating Field_Edit Annotated.png

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  • In android, the rating must be entered with a number 1-5 in a field that looks like a number field.

    why not stars as is common use for HVAC rating?

  • Howdy Trailer Care Team,

    Rating fields on Android should appear as a set of five stars, giving the user an option to select 1 to 5 stars (screenshot below):

    If your users are not seeing Rating fields as displayed above on Android, we would advise confirming that they are on the latest version of GoCanvas (available at gocanvas.com/m).

    If the Rating fields still do not appear on mobile as shared in the screenshot above after updating to the latest version, we would advise submitting a Help Ticket for our Support Team to troubleshoot.