Increment Fields in the Legacy Builder

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Increment fields are used to collect numerical data with buttons to add or subtract by one.

Increment Fields

With the Increment field, users can sequentially increase or decrease values, such as counting the number of rooms for a service order form. Like Number fields, users can manually input values with the pop-up number pad. Tapping in the text box on an Increment field will bring up the number pad.


The Minimum and Maximum range can be set for Increment fields, as well as the Default Value. These values can be updated from the Field Settings in the left panel of the Legacy Builder.

LB_Increment_Field Settings.png

On both the Standard and Designer PDFs, Increment field values appear as integers. When editing submission data for an Increment field, the data is a numerical value that can be manually input from the Submissions page on the portal.

Submissions_Increment_Edit Annotated.png

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  • We need decimal incremental capability. 

  • Howdy Rogelio,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! I can see how being able to adjust the increment by decimal values would be helpful.

    Could you please share this feedback as a new post to our 'Feature Requests & Releases' category in the Community? This is the best way to share interest in specific features with the Product Team.

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