How to Filter and Search Submission PDFs on your Mobile Device

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Users can view their Submission PDFs by tapping the Completed button at the bottom of the screen on Android and iOS devices. In addition to viewing a list of all Submission PDFs, users can filter and search to find specific Submissions.

Please note that Mobile Edit & View settings must be enabled by a Company Admin for a user to be able to view Submission PDFs from their mobile device.

Filter Submission PDFs

  1. You can limit the Submissions that show on the Completed screen by clicking on the Filter icon in the top navigation.

  2. On the Filter screen, adjust the date range and then toggle forms on or off depending on your viewing preferences. Then click Apply in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click on the submission you'd like to view. Note: if you have configured submission viewing correctly, submissions will display with black text. If you are seeing submissions with a gray text that are not clickable, revisit your Edit & View settings on the website

  4. Click the View button. 

Searching Submission PDFs

  1. You can search for specific data input across Submissions using the Search box at the top of the Completed screen. Note: the search results will also be based on the Filter settings, so make sure it is set as desired. 
  2. Submission PDFs that contain the search criteria will appear in a list, with a preview of which field the criteria appears in. For example, we have searched for the word, 'function', which appears in submissions across two forms:

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