Single Choice Boxes in the Legacy Builder

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The Single Choice Boxes field display all options available, from two to five choices, in a row and allows users to choose one.

Single Choice Boxes

A Single Choice Boxes field could display Service Packages from which a user could select a single option by tapping the related box.

iOS_Single Choice Boxes.png

Single Choice Boxes can be configured by opening Field Settings in the left panel by selecting the field. Choose the Number of Choices from the drop down between two and five choices and then add the Choices. The option to Clear All is also available to quickly clear all choices at once.

LB_Single Choice Boxes_Field Settings.png

On both the Standard and Designer PDFs, Single Choice Boxes field values appear as text. When editing submission data for a Single Choice Boxes field, the data is text that can be manually input from the Submissions page on the portal.

Submissions_Single Choice Boxes_Edit Annotated.png

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  • This feature looks great, but I needed 6 options for "N/A, 1,2,3,4,5" 

    I can use the multiple-choice field, but it displays vertically instead of horizontally and it takes up so much space on the page. 

  • Howdy!

    You mentioned using the Multiple Choice field- was this the Multi Choice field (vertical list of options) or the Multiple Choice Buttons field?

    The Multiple Choice Buttons field displays similarly to the Single Choice Boxes field, but allows users to select multiple items as opposed to a single selection. You can find more details here.

    If this option doesn't work for you, I would advise posting your feedback about adding more options to the Single Choice Boxes field to our Feature Requests category in the Community.

    This is the best way for feedback and suggestions to our Product team for their consideration, plus other users can add comments and upvote on your post!