Does GoCanvas have an Autofill feature?

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GoCanvas offers functionality that allows admins to provide data to their users in the field that not only ensures consistency and accuracy in the field, but also saves time, eliminating the need to manually enter tedious or repetitive information.

Imagine simply selecting a customer name from a list and having that customer's phone number, street address, email, and other details automatically appear. 

This functionality is called Reference Data in GoCanvas. Here's what it looks like in action: 

iOS_Reference Data.gif

Reference Data files can be uploaded using a variety of methods, including a .csv file, our Google Sheets integration, or even integrating with other database software like Procore

Some of our favorite uses of Reference Data include: 

  • Select from a list of parts and autofill price, manufacturer, warehouse location, and item number;
  • Enter the property name and autofill floors, rooms, and items to be inspected; 
  • Scan a barcode and use Reference Data to populate all of the info about that item or product. 

Reference Data is available in both the Advanced Form Builder and the Builder BETA. To get started using this feature, you will need to properly format your spreadsheet first.

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