How to Add Multiple Photos to a GoCanvas Form

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GoCanvas supports multi-image capture on compatible Apple and Android devices capable of taking pictures. You can add up to 10 photos to a multi-photo field. Any captured images can be viewed online from your portal and included in generated PDFs.

Please note that the Multiple Photo Capture is not currently available in the Windows client.

To start, you will want to add a Photo field to your form. Go to your Forms page and launch the Form Builder for your existing form, or click Create New if your from has not already been created.

Click to open the field palette and drag a Photo field into your form design.


After adding the photo field, click on it and navigate to the Field Settings. Here, you can select Single Photo or Multiple Photos:


On mobile, the Photo field will appear the same regardless of the Field Settings. Users can click Capture Photo to add images:


If the field is set for Multiple Photos, users will have the option to take a picture using the camera, or add images from the gallery:


As photos are added, they will display in succession on the screen. The 'X' button in the upper right corner of each image can be clicked to delete the photo:


Downloading Multiple Photos

You can view and download multiple images from a Photo field by navigating to Submissions from your account homepage on the website.

Once on the Submissions page, click the date of the submission you want to view, then scroll to the photo field that contains multiple images. There will be a link on the left indicating the number of photos:


Click this link to open a new window where all images can be viewed and downloaded as a ZIP file:


Note: Currently, Zapier integrations do not support multi-photo upload. Finally, multi-photo uploads within loop screens are not supported in the PDF Designer. 

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  • Hi Daniel Windisch,

    Thanks for pointing this out. This is an issue that needs to go through Support to troubleshoot, but one thing you may want to try (if you're using the PDF Designer) is removing that field from the PDF and then adding it back on. That might make the field update appropriately going forward. 

    That said, I'll go ahead and convert your post into a ticket so the Support Team can take a look. 



  • Help please!! On Android when we go to select multiple photos it only allows us to select one photo then directs us back to the previous screen. IOS allows us to select multiple photos without jumping back. I've been working with Drew but have not gotten any resolution to the problem.

  • Good Morning,

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out! This is an issue that needs direct troubleshooting from our Support team. I have let my colleague Drew know about your post, and he confirmed that your device log files were successfully received via your open Support ticket. The logs are being reviewed and Drew will be calling you today to assist further.

    (Edited )
  • Multiple photos are not allowed to be on PDF. Can someone help?

  • I'm having the same problem as Daylin above. Cannot include multi images in app designer therefore wont show on PDF when emailed. Using Android app on mobile.