How to add social media links in the PDF Designer

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NOTE: This article refers to the GoCanvas PDF Designer. If you are looking to customize the Standard PDF, please click here.

With the PDF Designer, you can add direct links to your social media content and pages to your PDFs. Using pre-set Social icons, you can guide your audience to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and several other pages. Ask for reviews, follows, and likes so you can engage your audience when they are roaming around their social networks.

To add social sharing Elements from the PDF Designer, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Forms page in the GoCanvas portal.
  2. Find the form on your account with the PDF output to be designed or updated. In-line with the form name, click Edit.
  3. Toggle to the PDF Designer at the top of the Form Builder.
  4. Once the PDF Designer has launched, click the Elements icon (four boxes in a 2x2 grid) and click-and-drag the Social element to the desired location on your PDF:


Once the Social element has been added, you can customize which icons and links are displayed on the PDF. Click the Social element and then check the box next to the social icon you want displayed on your PDF. You may check more than one! Enter the URL for your social pages.

General - Change the Alignment.
Other - Turn OFF the Global Settings so you can manipulate this specific Image element. 

Tip - If the social icon you want is not available, simply add it as an Image element instead.

Similar to the other elements, you can add columns and adjust the width of the columns to change the size of your social icons.

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