How to Automatically add all Fields to the Designer PDF

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Auto Layout is a great tool in the PDF Designer that saves time by adding all fields into the PDF Designer at once.

Auto Layout

When first launching the PDF Designer, you will have the option to start from scratch, or have the Designer automatically create a layout for you.

PDF Designer_Design your PDF.png

You can also choose to have your fields automatically populated after launching the PDF Designer. At the top of the Designer space, there is a button to Auto Layout.

PDF Designer_Auto Layout.png

This button will automatically add all of your fields to the Designer PDF, organizing them in the order they appear in the form and assigning space accordingly. 

PDF Designer_Auto Layout_PDF Example.png

If you choose to use Auto Layout, you can still make edits to your Designer PDF, such as relocating/removing fields, changing the size of your text, adding images, and more.

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