What does the Receipt Label setting do?

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There's a setting in the Form Builder (specifically in the More area of the field settings) called “Receipt Label.”

Receipt Label is a tool that is generally used with the Remember and Recall features. To enable this, you will need to enter the same value for the Receipt Label under More Field Settings when editing the field in the Form Builder.

More field settings

Scenario 1:

You have a field at the beginning of your form where you enter a customer’s name and another field at the end of the form for their name too. If you have added the same receipt label to both fields you will be able to pull the customer’s name from the first field to the second without having to re-enter the info. All you need to do is select Remember!

Scenario 2:

You have one form with the field name “Customer” and another form with the field name of “Client”. You will need to complete submissions for both of these forms and the Client/Customer name is the same. If you have added the same receipt label to both fields in each form you are able to enter the “Customer” name in the first form and select remember then move on to the second form and your “Client” field will already be populated with the data.

Other Use Cases

The Receipt Label is also applicable for specific use case workarounds that are generally not supported in common functionality.

Outside of the Remember/Recall features, the Receipt Label functionality should only be used when directly advised by a GoCanvas Team Member.

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