Getting Started with GoCanvas on your Mobile Device

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You can get up and running with GoCanvas on your preferred mobile device in just a few minutes. 

Download and Install GoCanvas on Mobile

There are a couple of ways to download GoCanvas on your mobile device:

You can also search for GoCanvas in either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 

If you prefer to use GoCanvas on desktop instead of mobile, you can download GoCanvas for Windows Desktop here.

Login on Mobile

When you open the application you'll be asked to login using your email and password that you used when signing up on


Password Tip

If someone else created an account for you, you may need to reset your password in order to set one of your choosing. 

When you log in, your device will automatically sync

Fill out your First Form

GoCanvas forms are built to guide you through completing a submission and the process of filling out a form should be self-evident for users.

  1. Select the tile of the form you want to use to get started.
  2. In most instances, you’ll fill in fields as they appear and use the next and back buttons to navigate between pages.
  3. When you get to the end of a form, you’ll be asked to complete the submission. Other actions on the page include:
    • Add email addresses that will receive a PDF of the submission,
    • Review the information captured in the submission on one screen,
    •  Email yourself a copy,
    • Sync after tapping Submit,
    • Show PDF after sync. 

Once the form has synced with the GoCanvas servers, your submission will be complete.


Save your Work

At any point along the way, you can (and should, especially if it's going to take a while to complete the submission) save your progress. Learn about how to save a submission on mobile and resume that saved submission.


You need to sync your device in order to receive any updates, including any forms that have recently been Published and Assigned to you.

You can sync on Android or iOS by dragging the home screen downwards.

On Windows, tap the Sync button at the top of the screen. 

Going forward, you'll need to sync your device in order to complete any submissions that haven't already been uploaded to the cloud. 

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