How to Edit or Update an Existing Dispatch

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Editing Dispatches in the Assigned or Unassigned status

1. Navigate to Work Hub.

2. On the In Progress tab, you'll see your list of all Dispatches and Workflows. (You can also do this from the Upcoming tab)

3. Dispatches that can be edited will either be labelled "Assigned" or "Unassigned" in the Status column.

4. Click the hyperlink for the dispatch you wish to edit. 


5. Click on the Edit button in the selected dispatch's screen.


6. On the first screen, edit any of the dispatch Info and press Next. On the second screen, edit any of the fields of the dispatch, then click Save.


Editing Dispatches in the Received status

In order to update a Dispatch that has been Received by a user, you will need to unassign the user from the dispatch to have access to editing the information in it. 

1. Click the checkbox beside the "Received" dispatch you'd like to edit, then click the Unassign button that pops up above the table.


2. Click on the ID of the newly unassigned dispatch, and repeat Steps 4-6 from Editing Dispatches in the Assigned or Unassigned status.

3. You may then reassign the updated dispatch to the appropriate parties.


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