How to Disable a User

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GoCanvas Admins have the ability to remove users and keep the seat open for another user to fill.

Open a Seat

  1. From the left navigation, expand the Account drop down and select Users.
  2. Find the user that you would like to disable and select the icon that looks like a person with an 'x' under the Action column. Account_Users_Deactivate User Icon.png
  3. A pop-up will confirm that you wish to disable the user.
  4. The seat will be listed as Open and a hyperlink to Fill Seat will be in the center of the row.


The number of seats on your account is based on your contracted amount and admins do not have the ability to remove a seat themselves. Every GoCanvas account must have a minimum of three seats.

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  • The directions to remove a user, do not match the website.

  • Hi Jon Lardy, which step are you not seeing on your account? It may be a little different if you're on a team license or went through one of our partners (like Sprint or Verizon), but I'd love to make sure we have our bases covered here. 

  • This worked great. It would be nice if there was a way to bulk delete a number of seats. I needed to drop 40 seats, and this took a little while.

  • None of these instructions match the available options on the site. Why is it difficult to remove users, all i get is disable or enable, nothing to be removed.

  • The removal of seats via website doesn´t works .