What is the Mobile Visible Field Setting?

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Mobile Visible is a setting that will hide fields within a form that serve a special purpose but don't need to be seen by the mobile user when completing a submission.

Mobile Visible

Why would a form builder add a field to a form, only to hide it? There are plenty of fields that perform valuable functions in your form, but don't necessarily need to be shown. Sometimes they clutter up the form and you'd like to keep it clean and concise for your users.

A lot of the time, they perform background work that's essential to populating other fields. For example, the multiple calculation fields it might take to achieve one final numeric output. An example is show in the Help Center article, "How to Configure Fields that can Calculate Age," where a multitude of calculation fields are employed to reach the final result in one field that displays someone's current age based on their birthday and the current date.

In both Form Builders, you'll find Mobile Visible under More in the Field Settings

Legacy Builder The Builder
AFB_Field_More_Mobile Visible.png






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