What is a Submission Name?

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A Submission Name is an easy-to-configure feature that can help you organize your data. The Submission Name will show up in two areas and will help you find and identify Submissions quickly: 

  • Submissions area on the GoCanvas website: The Submission Name will replace the Submission ID column that shows up by default. "Homer and Marge Simpson" is the name of a customer and makes this Submission easier to find than the one below it showing the Submission ID.


  • History on our mobile application: The History part of the GoCanvas application is where you can view Submissions you have made in the past. Just like on the web, it is easier to find the Submission you're looking for with a descriptive Submission Name.


How to configure Submission Name

The Submission Name is dynamic based on the values entered into fields in your form. In the above, Submission Name is set for the "Customer Name" field. Configure your Submission name by opening up the Form Builder and following these steps: 

  1. Select the field you want to use in your Submission Name.
  2. Under More, check the Submission Name checkbox.


As a note, you can also place the value in the:

  • Email Subject: This is the subject line of the email that is sent out if you decide to email the submission to someone else.
  • Email Body: The value can be placed in the body of that same email.
  • PDF Filename: The value can be used in the file name of the PDF.

You can check these boxes on multiple fields if you like. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The values will show up in the order that they are in your GoCanvas form.
  • Don't select too many fields. If there are too many characters in your Submission Name it will get truncated. We recommend using 1 or 2 fields at the most.


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