How do I build a form in the Mobile Builder?

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The GoCanvas Mobile Builder gives you the ability to build and use forms entirely on an iOS or Android device. The Mobile Builder will guide you through converting your documents into customized forms that look like the original, but do so much more. 

Overview: Building Forms

In the Mobile Builder, you'll start with a view of the form you're working on, like an estimate: 


By clicking on a section, you can to add, remove, or edit fields and columns:


Clicking on an individual field allows you to edit the settings for that field, including the label (note: settings will vary depending on the type of field) or delete it entirely: 


You can add new sections using the Add Section button at the bottom of the page.


Once you've added a new section, you can add and remove fields from that section, adjust those field settings, and change the layout or label of the section.


Customizing your header

Clicking on the header will allow you to upload your logo, edit your company information, change the name of the form, and turn on (or off) Submission Numbering. 


To upload or update your company logo, click on the Add Your Logo button. That will pull up images and galleries on your device from which you can choose your logo. 

You can also update and add your company info, like the company name and address:


Creating and configuring tables

Tables (also known as Loops) are easy to manage in the Mobile Builder. 

Add a new table by adding a section that is pre-configured to be a table, which is indicated by this icon:

Click into that section to configure the table settings.

You can adjust the width of each column by tapping and dragging the < > buttons.

To make changes to the fields within each column, click on the name of the field. 

Note: You cannot delete a field from a table from the field settings view. You will need to use the column settings to remove each column. Columns will delete from right to left.


Building a New Form from a Template

The Mobile Builder comes loaded with five types of templates: 

  • Estimates
  • Inspections
  • Invoices
  • Waivers
  • Work orders

To create a new form in the Mobile Builder, click the '+' button: 


That will give you all of your template options. Click on the one you'd like to start with to take a closer look at what is included on each form:


You can customize all of the information that appears on your form by clicking the Customize button, or you can go straight to entering data by clicking Fill it Out. 

Select Customize to launch the Builder: 


You can click into each section of the page, including the header and the social icons that appear in the footer of each document. 

Building a New Form from Scratch

If you prefer not to start with a template, you can choose to start with a blank form. You'll still be able to edit your header and social icons as usual, but will need to add all of your sections one by one. 

From the template page, select Blank and then Customize. Then add each section you need: 


Publishing your Form

When you're ready to use your form, click the Done button in upper right-hand corner.


You have the option to Save as Draft, which will allow you to continue to edit your form before publishing; Fill Out, which will allow you to begin entering information in the form; Publish, which will allow you to begin filling out your form; or Discard, which will remove any of the changes you have made since the last time you saved or published your form. 

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