Can I see where a Workflow is after I hand it off?

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With the GoCanvas Workflow feature, you can pass forms from one use to another as many times as you need. In forms that have multiple Workflows, it can be tricky to know exactly where a Workflow stands and who is currently responsible for working on the submission. You can view who the Workflow is currently assigned to from the GoCanvas portal and, for Professional plans and above, from your mobile device (please contact support in order to have this functionality activated). 

Workflow on the Web

You can gather information about your Workflows from the portal by clicking on the Work Hub tab in the left navigation. You'll see the ID of the submission in progress, as well as who currently owns the submission in the User column, and the status - that is, which is the most recent handoff completed. 


Workflow on Mobile

Users on the Professional plan or above can also view information about Workflows they're involved in from their mobile device (please contact support in order to have this functionality activated). Once it is activated for your account, you'll receive a notification whenever a Handoff (or other Task) is received by your device:


From the Home screen, any forms with pending Workflows (or other Tasks) will have a circular black icon next to their name:


Clicking on the form name will pull up an option to view Tasks that are In Progress:


From the In Progress screen, you can click the Handoff you wish to complete:


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