What are Workflow advanced notifications?

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Workflow advanced notifications give you additional options for who is notified during the Workflow process and how notifications are sent. 

Note: Workflow advanced notifications are available for Professional plans and above and will be active for all users on the account. To have it activated for your account, contact your account manager or submit a ticket using the Submit a Ticket button in the right-hand corner of this page. 

Mid-Workflow notifications

Mid-Workflow notifications happen either when a Submission is handed off to another user or when that user receives the handoff. 

With regular (non-advanced) notifications, you get to choose just what kind of notification is set, either push notification, email, or both: 


With advanced notifications, you get a much more robust, highly-customized set of options: 


What triggers an email/push notification

This setting allows you to determine at which point the notification is activated, either when a handoff is started (that is, the first user completes their portion of the Submission and starts the Workflow); when the handoff is received by the second user; or at both of these points. 

What gets sent

Just like the basic settings, you can decide if you'd like to receive a push notification (on iOS and Android), an email, or both. 

Who gets an email/push notification

With this setting you can determine which person involved in the handoff will get the notification, either the person receiving the handoff, the person initiating the handoff, or (in a situation with multiple handoffs in one form) the person who first created the Submission. You can select any or all of these people at each point in the Workflow. 

At each handoff in the Workflow, you'll be able to make the decisions, giving you a highly-customized notification experience throughout the entire Submission. 

Submission complete notifications

Similarly advanced settings are also available at the end of a Workflow, when the final user is ready to complete the Submission:


Once again, you can determine what type of notification is sent and who receives the notification once the user has synced their device. 

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  • Question: if a submission depends on more than one user to complete their stages before it is 'complete', where is the information in an incomplete record stored? E.g, if we have 2 stages, 'receiving' and 'packing', how can I check how many records are in the 'receiving' stage, if it is not complete until 'packed'? Are temporary or incomplete rows submitted to the Submissions database? And when they are complete, do they overwrite the incomplete ones or create a duplicate?

  • Hi Camille,

    You can look at where things are in workflows from the Workflow & Dispatch page on the web: 

    In the advanced notifications on mobile, you can see that in the Workflow tab: 

    If you want more of a dashboard (which would give you that count of how many are in each stage), you'll want to look at doing a Zapier integration, which you can learn more about here: https://help.gocanvas.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360001848794-Would-LOVE-a-reporting-dashboard-per-app-with-charts-graphs-etc-.

    You can also now download this data from the Workflow & Dispatch page, and you'll get those incomplete Submissions as individual rows. Scroll all the way down the page and it'll be the box on your right to export the CSV. 

    Hope that helps!

  • It would be nice to add a feature where you could have set users that would be contacted at each step of the workflow, similar to email options at the end where you could specify who gets notified rather than the only option being submitters/recipients.