How to set up Dependent Reference Data in the Advanced Form Builder



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    Christopher Banks

    I'm trying to use this feature in builder right now. Your screen shots don't match the menu options that pop up for me. 

    For example, under step 3 "Populate with" box does not appear anywhere in my settings for reference data. 

    Am I missing something? 

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    Christopher Banks

    So in theory, in the example you show above, when you setup the reference data as shown, when you get to the first entry field ("Model") you should get the following choices:

    Good Manufacturer

    Better Manufacturer

    Best Manufacturer

    Then, let's say we select "Better Manufacturer", when you get to the next field ("Make") you should get the following choices:

    Widget D

    Widget E

    Widget F

    Do I have the logical flow correct? 

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