How to Name a Submission with a Field Value in the Legacy Builder

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Change the Submission ID in GoCanvas from the random string of alphanumeric characters to a custom and recognizable name using Place Value In.

Please Note

This functionality is not available on multiple line text, photo, signature, drawing, GPS, checkbox, payment, or link fields.

Place Value in Submission Name

  1. Find or add the field whose value will be in the submission name and select the field to open the Field Settings in the left panel.
  2. Expand the More menu and scroll to Place value in: and check the box next to Submission Name.                                                                 LB_Field Settings_More_Place Value in Submission Name.png
  3. Save and Publish to device to create a new submission.


If multiple fields have the Submission Name box checked, the submission name will reflect the order that the fields appear in the form. For example, if the first field is the Customer's Name and the second field is the date, the submission name would be John Smith 1/22/2024.

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