Mirror Fields in the Advanced Form Builder

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Mirror Fields are a convenient solution for when a field value captured earlier in the form needs to be reviewed later in the form.

Add a Mirror Field

Mirror Fields eliminate any wasted time backtracking through the form to reference information captured earlier in the form. If you often find yourself flipping back through a paper form to find something you need to know later in the form, use a Mirror field.

  1. Open an existing form by selecting the Edit Form icon in line with the form on the Forms page or select Create New and Mobile Form
  2. Scroll down to Other on the Field Library. Drag and drop or click to add a Mirror field to the center form preview and select the field to open Field Settings in the left panel.
  3. Under Field Type, expand the drop down for "Mirror from which screen?" and select the Screen Name of the screen where the field you want to mirror is located.
  4. Expand the drop down for "Mirror which field?" and select the field that you want to mirror. Only eligible field types will be listed here.AFB_Mirror Field_Field Settings.png
  5. Save and Publish to device to see the field on mobile.

Mirror Fields on Mobile

iOS_Mirror Field_First Field.pngiOS_Mirror Field_Second Field.png

Mirroring Specifications

Mirror fields will take on the type of field that they are mirroring. That is, if the original field is a short text field in the style of number, the mirror field will also have those attributes. 

Field Types you Can Mirror Field Types you Cannot Mirror
Short Text, Long Text, and Static Text Photo
Number, Increment, Slider, and Rating Static Image
Calculation and Summary Signature
Drop Down and Multi Choice Drawing
Single Choice Boxes and Multiple Choice Buttons GPS
Date and Time Link
Checkbox Payment
Barcode Mirror

Additional Details of Note

You Can You Cannot
  • Mirror fields that are on the same screen. 
  • Mirror fields across Workflow Handoffs.
  • Give the mirrored field a different name than the original field. 

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