After all data has been added to a form, the user needs to Submit. After the last page of the form is a page that shows at the end of all submissions with submissions specific settings that can be determine both by the user in app and by the admin in the GoCanvas portal.

iOS_Complete Submission Screen Annotated.png

1. Depending on the user email options configuration, the user will be able to send the completed submission via email. 

2. The user can view what has been entered in the form before submitting. This provides a simple list of the inputs, not the PDF version that will be generated when you fully submit. 

3. The ability to send yourself a copy of the submission email is again a setting in your email options. If it is enabled for your account, you can toggle this to on to receive the email. 

4. In most instances, you will want to sync after you tap Submit. However, if you know you are out of internet range, you may want to toggle this to off so you can continue with your next task. However, at some point you will need to sync to the GoCanvas servers

5. Toggling this to on will immediately display the PDF, assuming the device is able to sync. If you do not see this option, check your mobile edit and view settings

Most of the time, the app will return to the list of forms once the submission has been completed. The only exception to this is if you have Restart Form After Completion toggled to on in your App Settings

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